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Recurso publicado por: Fundación CTIC (Centro Tecnológico de la Información y de la Comunicación)

Creado en: 21/02/2011

Descripción del recurso

CREATIC4AFRICA, a firm commitment to creativity and technological innovation as an engine of social and economic progress in Africa.

  • African researchers are called to submit innovative ideas in the field of ICT for Human Development.
  • The United Nations – Economic Commission for Africa, the Spanish Agency for Human Development Cooperation (AECID) and the University of Oviedo support this project led by CTIC Foundation.
  • Ethiopia, Mozambique, Senegal, Cape Verde and Angola will benefit from the technology developed in CREATIC4AFRICA.

CTIC Foundation, in the framework of the CREATIC4AFRICA project, launches a call for ideas based on ICT, which respond and propose solutions to any problem or need identified in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Senegal, Cape Verde and Angola.

CREATIC4AFRICA is a Development Cooperation project, whose final objective is that the benefit of the process or product developed, returns to the territory and benefits their communities. This is the reason why the call is specifically intended for African researchers living in one of these 5 African countries.

In order to avoid generating socioeconomic gaps, the ideas must come from people with expertise or experience in technological developments and who know the social and cultural reality of the territory and its economic shortcomings first hand.

The deadline for submission of ideas is open until March 30th. During this period of almost 2 months innovative ideas related to any field of ICT may be submitted which, because of their innovative potential, could be of particular interest to Human Development in Africa. However, it will be prioritized those ideas related to Mobility and Device Independence, Semantic Web, 4U (Universal or accessible to all, focused on the User, Usable or ease of use and Useful) and Open Linked Data.

The candidates will answer questions such as: Are the results bound to improve the economic condition of the end users? Are the proposals tailored to local contexts? Do they take into account the infrastructure capacity of the area? Have the costs of production and / or maintenance been analyzed? What specific problem does the idea give an answer to? Both their answers and the proposed solution will undergo a comprehensive assessment process that will result in 5 ideas selected.

The 5 authors will receive a schoolarship to develop their idea for a maximum of 9 months in CREATIC4AFRICA technological innovation lab, where a research team from CTIC will accompany them during the various stages and processes of innovation activity.

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