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Recuperacion Taller de joyeria robado a la Fundacion


Recurso publicado por: jovenesorfebres

Creado en: 12/05/2011

Descripción del recurso

Please accept our greetings.
For the past 15 years, the Refugio Foundation/jóvenes orfebres (YouthSmiths) has developed projects aimed at preventing social problems in different areas of Bogotá, Colombia. Around 600 young adolescents and their families have been involved in a holistic programme, allowing them to achieve the recognition of their community and giving proof of deep changes in their lives. Our work proposal is the formation of workshops in basic and specialised jewellery-making with a value-added in human and business training and social skills.
During this time we have received the support of both public and private bodies including the United Nations (UN), the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), the British Embassy, the British Council, Susila Dharma International, local town halls of Bogotá and many other organisations.
We feel it is important for you to learn about the current situation of the Foundation which has been obliged to interrupt its work due to the theft of its entire jewellery workshop equipment and tools (valued at 20 million Colombian pesos, or around $11,000 (US)). Without these tools, the work plans and projects are paralysed and the foundation risks losing what it has achieved up till now, as well as the new opportunities to work with young people which were in the pipeline. Moreover we had planned to rent a building which could be used as a school, workshop and accommodation.
Therefore, it is very important for us to be able to count on your help, through any kind of donation of money or equipment. We wish to continue our work, to be able to participate in international fairs and become a fair trade company and one which promotes responsible consumption. To do this, it is obligatory to have access to resources which help realise the necessary changes such as the refitting of the workshop.
Thanking you for your interest, we remain faithfully yours,

Álvaro Herrán Monedero Nury Bonilla Ruiz
Legal Representative Founder and project director


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